Bachelor of Science in Midwifery

Program Description: The program aims to produce competent Midwifery professionals who have effective practical, leadership and research skills in all maternity and reproductive health service delivery points at all levels of health care system.

The main study directions: The general direction of midwifery program is clinical courses which will equip students with the basic knowledge of midwifery and supportive and community course are being given in the department.

Admission requirements: As per the criteria set for joining higher learning institutions and be physically and mentally fit to the program

Language of instruction: English

Duration of the study: 4 Years including hospital and community attachments

Degree to be awarded at completion:Upon successful completion of this program, the graduates will be given “DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MIDWIFERYin English andየባችለር ሳይንስ ዲግሪ  በሚድዊፍሪ in Amharic