ILA holds annual national land administration conference

BDU’s Institute of Land administration in collaboration with Ethiolandnet secretariat has held the 3rd annual national land administration conference with a theme “promoting evidence based land administration system in Ethiopia,” at homeland hotel.

The institute’s director, Dr. Achamyelh Gashu, in his introductory remark to the conference noted that efforts are being undertaken to modernize the administration system of urban and rural land sectors. However, there is still knowledge and experience gap in implementing an informed and evidence based decision making on matters of land and land related issues, he said. The objective of the conference is to contribute in filling these gaps through interactive discussions and ideas, According to Dr Achamyelh.

BDU’s president, Dr. Firew Tegegne, in his opening speech outlined that the availability of a comprehensive and up to date record of land information will enable to have an integrated infrastructure developments, such as highways, irrigation and hydro electric dams, large and small scale agricultural investments. Dr. Firew added that effective land administration system could also have a significant contribution for land taxation and in creating certainty in landownership and possession across the nation. He finally emphasized on BDU’s commitment in achieving these goals.

Distinguished professionals in the area, policy makers, development practitioners and other stakeholders have attended the conference.