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Dear visitor,

Key partners in the field of rural towns and sustainable development have committed to develop a local vision plan, enabling the transformation of the actual rural living towards urban development.
Bahir Dar University and the Amhara Model Town Steering Committee would now like to bring potential stakeholders and interested groups together and plan for future generation sustainable model towns in the Amhara region. To support this activity we are organizing a two-day workshop (November 22nd and 23rd, 2014) to which you are cordially invited. The title for the upcoming workshop in the series of ‘Implementing and financing rural towns in Amhara’ is  'The Replication of the Model Town - Lessons Learned from Buranest.’

In the course of the workshop we aim to bring together key strategic partners in order to establish the need for a local vision plan, and to identify the priorities and actions needed in transformation of the rural living towards urban development and to bring about positive change. 
Your input to this process is of key importance and we hope that you will be able to attend. For registration please send your application via E-mail to the workshop organizer, Email: getu88@gmail.com

I attach the program of the workshop and very much looking forward meeting you in person at the workshop.
Yours sincerely
Baylie Damtie (PhD)
President, Bahir Dar University


for further information www.nestown.org