Director Message

Bahir Dar University is undertaking an ambitious plan to become one of the top ten premier research universities in Africa by 2025 and has laid foundation leading towards the achievement of this noble vision.

The research outputs generated in the university are focused on solving the nation’s problems and transferring them to the industry for the benefit of the society. As the ultimate goal of doing research is the utilization of its findings to achieve economic growth and play important role in improvement of livelihood of citizens, we need also to focus on creating conditions ensuring rapid transfer of the generated and adopted/ improved knowledge and technology.

In the past, dissemination of knowledge and technology was through the traditional channels, namely, mobility of qualified graduates, publication of research findings and conferences et cetera. Nowadays however, to make actual use of innovation easy and avoid research outputs wastefully shelved, the use of additional channels is necessary to enhance the rapid uptake of research results by the industry. Channels that need to be given due attention now, in addition to those of the human embedded knowledge transfer, are Spin-offs & entrepreneurship, Science & Technology parks, patent licensing, contract based research & consultancy, and cooperation in R&D.

Use of these, so far underexploited or nonexistent, channels and the availability of conducive and inviting research atmosphere in the university will motivate researchers to strive generate problem solving knowledge and technologies. In doing so, the university will substantially increase its revenue and fulfill the stipulation in the new higher education proclamation stating that public universities should generate income and supplement the government allocated budget to achieve its objectives.

The research and community service team would like to invite the university community and stakeholders to play part in materializing our common goal.


Admasu Fanta

Director of Knowledge and Technology Transfer 

Bahir Dar University


Mobile: +251 920 761081