Message from the President

We have prepared the Five Years Strategic Plan (2011--2016) of the Bahir Dar University by carefully examining the Growth and Transformation Plan  (GTP) of the nation.   The GTP has given very strong emphasis for education quality and relevance in higher educational institutions. Also, similar emphasis has been given for research that focuses on solving the nation’s problems and transfer of appropriate technologies for various applications. 

The GTP has included the importance of good governance and competence academic staff in higher educational institutions and the means to ensure them.

The Five Years Strategic Plan (2011-2016) of the Bahir Dar University contains its roadmap for the next five years.  In this document we have made clear the vision, mission, core values and strategic themes of the University. The strategic plan is the result of the hard work of the University community and our stakeholders and I want to thank them at the outset for their substantial contributions.

The strategic plan of the University focuses on ensuring quality and relevance training, research and community service.  Issues like curriculum content, teaching methodology and assessment shall be evaluated and dynamically updated in order to ensure the quality of education and its relevance. The strategy has given due special attention for staff development and various means of capacitating the staff to carry out their duties will be carried out including formal and informal trainings and institutionalization of continuous professional development.  Teaching at the Bahir Dar University shall be student centered with the intention of producing citizens who can learn by themselves and be able to make critical reflections.  In accordance with the directions set out in the GTP, science and engineering subjects shall be given special attentions especially in terms of equipping students with practical experiences and associated skills in addition to enabling them to understand fundamentals of their subjects.  We shall establish two complex research grade laboratories (one for sciences and the other for technology) and equip other teaching aids laboratories.  Internship programs shall be expanded and strengthened by evaluating them regularly and taking appropriate actions.  It is clear that our strategies for ensuring quality education, research and community services demand modern libraries equipped with appropriate and up-to-date books and journals.  We shall establish two new library complex in the main and IoT campuses and equip the existing ones in the planning periods.

The research focus of the Bahir Dar University in the next five years shall aim at creating knowledge packages that can provide various deliverables for various applications.   These packages shall concentrate on lake Tana and its watershed, pedagogical issues, textile, energy and Biotechnology and ICT. The intention of the University is to synthesize   data, publications and other relevant knowledge in these particular thematic areas and produce various products to different users including general public, policy makers, students and researchers by creating websites.

The community service of the Bahir Dar University shall focus on education, health, agricultural extension and technology transfer. We shall be actively working with the Bahir Dar City Administration on urban planning, urbanization and service provisions. It is expected the Bahir Dar will grow very fast and shall experience unprecedented population dynamic and face challenges on service provisions. The University shall play active role in the city affairs.

In order to carry out our core missions (education, research and community services), the University shall establish efficient and effective administration.  Finance, procurement, property and personnel administration shall be given due attention. We shall ensure clear policies, procedures and operational manuals for all these support processes. Also, proper monitoring and evaluation systems shall be put in place. Capacity of the administrative staff shall be built.

We have already started the implementation of this ambitious strategic plan.  The University management shall work with commitment and honesty as a team to play its leadership roles in our journey to our destinations.  Like any journey we know that we shall face many challenges and together with love, dedication and endurance these challenges will surely be met.  We are very lucky to live in the times of change, which provide to us a unique opportunity to leave our footprint in this great nation. Always remember and keep an eye on the light at the end of the our journey, I am sure that the destination is clear for all of us and together we shall be there and celebrate.

Baylie Damtie (PhD), President