Yirsaw Zegeye (Ato)

Tel.: 251-0911 019725


Fax: 251-0582202025

PO Box: 5001/79

Campus: Institute of Land Administration/ILA Block: Architecture Department bdg Department: Architecture


Born in Finezet Mechieal (in Awie zone), Ethiopia, I was educated in government primary and secondary schools called Finzet and Adis kedame primary schools and Dangela secondary school. I was awarded Deploma in Medical Laboratory technician from Bahir Dar health Science College in 1999; B.Sc. Degree in urban planning from Ethiopian Civil Service University in 2007 and my M.Sc. Degree in Urban Design and Development from Addis Ababa University(EiABC) in 2012. In particular I have around five years practical experience in area of urban development and different towns and cities master preparation practical; farther more I have four years university teaching experiences. Besides teaching, I have worked around one year as the head of the architecture department.


M.Sc. in Urban Design and Development from Addis Ababa University, in 2012

B.Sc. in urban Planning from Ethiopian Civil service University, in 2007

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician from Bahir Dar Health Science College, in 1999

Current Teaching

I am teaching Land use planning for B.Sc. and M.Sc. land administration students and urban planning, environmental planning, urban design and related courses for the B.Sc. architecture students

Research Interest

I am very interested to do/participate in researches related to any urban development areas (land use planning, urban planning, urban infrastructure, urban housing, urban transportation planning, urban service provision, Regional planning, urban economics, urban geography, urban population and related areas)


I. Thesis

  1. M.Sc. This: The Problem of Urban Utility Infrastructure Provision in Ethiopia, Particularly in Bair Dar City, In 2012
  2. B.Sc. Thesis: The Attitude of Condominium Housing Dwellers Towards Condominium

II. Other productions [Modules and teaching materials]

1. Rural and Urban Land Use Planning and Land Development Module for Regular and Distance Land Administration Students of Bahir Dar University Institute of Land Administration

III.Community Engagement: Working as a Architectural Design and construction consultant in own consultancy

IV.Supervision Interests:

I am interested in Supervising Research Works in any Urban Developement and Land Use Planning/Development Related Areas

V. The topics I am currently supervising:

Nearly all the necessary areas as I indicated above

XI. Topics supervised: I supervised in areas related to those listed above.