Sosna Melesse Smegn

  Tel.: 251-939255862


Campus: Gish Abay

Block: Adm Building/R_9

Academic Unit/ Department: Land     Administration


I was born in Finote Selam, Ethiopia; I was educated in government primary and secondary schools called Lay birr Primary and Damot Secondary Schools in Birrsheleqo and Bahir Dar respectively. I have got Bachelor of Science degree in Land administration and Master of sciences in Geoinformatices at Bahir Dar University. Currently, I am an assistance lecturer in Land Administration. I have three academic year teaching experience. Besides teaching, I have one year and six month work experience at Bahir Dar University, Gish Abay campus as Gender office coordinator.


BSc in Bahir Dar University

Current Teaching

I am teaching GIS and Introduction to Land Administration courses at a BSc levels.

Research Interest

My research interest includes positional accuracy, challenges of Cadastral mapping and land use and Suitability analysis.