Call for Proposals


The research and publications office invites all staff members of the Institute of Land Administration and the general public interested to contribute to our research endeavor.

The research areas relate to land law, land administration, land economics, land surveying, GIS, Geodetic Surveying and any others pertinent to real property- land and buildings- matters.

The research proposals must include at least the title, background information, abstract and statement of problem, objectives, methodology, work plan (for the first half of Ethiopian year, not later than 20th December 2009), budgetary plan, and references. A research proposal which does not indicate any of these components will not be processed!

The office will be the owner of all research works processed by it although the author may use them for promotion and other purposes. The outcomes of the research will be used either for publishing in the East African Journal of Land Administration or for seminar, workshop, etc. presentation to be arranged by ILA. In this regard, the decision is to be made by the office.

Deadline for submission of research proposals is November 25, 2009 and for submission of articles it is December 20, 2009. While contributors in Africa can send their articles in any convenient method, submission by contributors living in Ethiopia must be accompanied by a hard copy and soft copy; without this the office shall not accept proposals!

Research & Publication Office,

Institute of Land Administration,

Bahir Dar University.