Programm Management and Marketing Case Team

Duties and Responsibilities of Programme Management and Marketing Case Team

The programme management and marketing case of ILA shall be responsible to undertake the following:

  1. Conduct periodic and continuous market analyses;
  2. Assess the labour market, identify potential and existing demand for each educational and research programs provided by the business unit;
  3. Identify new areas of specialization/program that are in demand;
  4. Select and target the faculty’s academic and research programs’ customers and positioning the appropriate programs to the appropriate customers;
  5. Develop and manage the faculty’s program development and marketing strategy;
  6. Develop appropriate and relevant academic and research programs and managing their delivery;
  7. Developing, managing and renovating curricula for the faculty’s academic programs;
  8. Ensuring timely and effective communication and advertising the faculty’s academic and research services and programs to the relevant target customers and stakeholders;
  9. Developing strong and profitable partnership and relationship with educational and research outcomes;
  10. Ensuring timely and effective orientation and induction of student;
  11. Providing students and other educational and research customers of the faculty with up to date guidebooks and other relevant support to enhance their experience with the faculty and the services it delivers;
  12. Ensure continual impact assessment, evaluation or graduate follow up and provision of feedback;
  13. Participate in business unite strategy development;
  14. Alumni network and communication management;
  15. Develop and communicate schedules and academic calendar of the faculty;
  16. Develop, administer and correct program aptitude tests;
  17. Develop student selection and admission criteria
  18. Feedback provision to CSKD teams and director of the faculty.