Department Head

Being accountable to the Dean, the department head shall:

1.      Be an assistant professor and above unless the condition does not allow.  

2.      Serve as a member of the academic council (AC).

3.      Follow up and execute the decisions of the DC.

4.      Serve as chairperson for department council.

5.      Form the department graduate council.

6.      Develop and manage the department’s development strategy. 

7.      Participate in the academic unit’s strategy development. 

8.      Develop appropriate and relevant academic programs and manage their delivery.  

9.      Develop, manage and renovate the curriculum of the department. 

10.  Communicate academic programs for the vice Dean. 

11.  Prepare class schedules in consultation with vice deans as necessary. 

12.  Provide orientation and induction to the students and staffs of the program.

13.  Enable students and other customers of the department get-up-date guidebooks and other relevant supports respectively.   

14.  Conduct continual assessment, evaluation or graduate follow-up and provision of feedback.

15.  Monitors and gives support to course chairs. 

16.  Ensures the completion of appraisal for all academic staff members. 

17.  Develop and implement a seminar program that provides students with exposure to research.  

18.  Develop a vision that supports the particular goals of the department and broader goals of the academic unit.  

19.  Plan, implement and report departmental t-learning, research and community service activities.

20.  Promote team spirit for addressing departmental and institutional issues.  

21.  Build necessary relationships with other departments. 

22.  Ensure the availability of necessary resources.

23.  Develop tools that are aimed at improving students academic performance and monitor their implementation.  

24.  Address students academic problems in the courses.

25.  Assign academic advisors and course chairs.

26.  Follow up submission of grades and approve on time to the AU registrar office.

27.  Establish exam committee, develop exam bank as necessary to insure quality assessment and evaluation.

28.  Execute other tasks given by Dean/Director and vice Dean.