GAT exam information

Dear Applicants, please be informed that the National Graduate Admission Test (GAT) 
registration is opened for the second time:
1) Registration for the National GAT at the AAU portal is open on Monday (November 
6, 2023 G.C) to Friday (November 10, 2023 G.C) (Tikimt 26, 2016 E.C. to Tikimt
30, 2016 E.C);
2) Exam administration is on Monday (November 13, 2023 G.C) to Friday (November 
17, 2023 G.C) or (Hidar 03, 2016 E.C. to Hidar 07, 2016 E.C) at Bahir Dar 
The opportunity is open for new test takers and those who took the exam but couldn't score 
the minimum pass mark, i.e., 62/125 or 80%. 
Remark: Paying1000.00 Birr applies for all GAT takers (the new GAT takers and those who 
will sit for the second time).
Note that AAU portal address is: