Computational Physics

Brief overview on computer and its role in Physics teaching and research, MATLAB Usage and computational errors, System of Linear Equations, Interpolation and Curve Fitting, Non-linear Equations, Numerical Differentiation and Integration, Numerical solutions of Ordinary Differential equations and Partial differential equations, Stochastic methods, special functions and quadrature.

GNSS receiver

The receiver is installed in collaboration with Gemany Aerospace center (DLR). It is a high rate sampling GNSS reciever and gives the scintillation index (S4) and total electron content (TEC) data.


Riometer measures the amount of electromagnetic wave ionospheric absorption in the atmosphere. Installed in October 2014 in collaboartion with Sodankyla Geophysical observatory in Finland.

Weather station

This weather station is used to observe the humidity and the temperature at the location of the infrared sensor.

Fabry-Perot interferometer

The Fabry-Perot interferometer (FPI) system was installed in May 2015 in collaboration with Clemson University of USA. It is used to measure the nightglow orginated from the altitude range between 200 and 300 km above the Earth's surface. From this observation the neutral wind speed and neutral temperature will be inferred from Doppler shift and Doppler brodening respectively.

Coherent Back scatter radar (Blue Nile Radar)

The Coherent scatter radar which consists of 64 yagi antennas was installed in november 2014 in collaboration with Boston college and American Air force labratory (AFRL) of USA. It is used to observe the E and F region electron denisty irregulrities. The radar is named as Blue Nile Radar (BNR).


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