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Welcome to WaGRL

Washera Geospace and Radar Science Laboratory (WaGRL), which was established in 2007, is a research laboratory and a training center at Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.                      

Radar Systems

Radar fundamentals, radar cross section, radar detection, radar waveform analysis, pulse compression, radar wave propagation, clutter, radar antennas, target tracking.

Review of probability theory, filtering, Bayesian estimation techniques, the Kalman filter, non-linear filters, modified gain techniques, Wiener filters, adaptive methods. 

space physics

This course fouces on recent theories in space physics. The topics include, the Sun, interplanetary space, magnetosphere, electrodynamics of the low-, mid-, and high-latitude ionospheres, equatorial and auroral electrojet currents and plasma instabilities, equatorial spread F, plasma instabilities, waves and instabilities at mid-latitudes, ionospheric scintillation, high-latitude plasma convection, magnetosphere ionosphere coupling.


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