BDU hosts the annual consultative meeting of the Periperi U

BDU’s Institute of Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Studies has hosted the annual consultative meeting of Partners Enhancing Resilience for People Exposed to Risk (Periperi U) under the theme “A call to engage: Deepening Risk Knowledge –Advancing Resilience).
In his introductory remark to the meeting Dr. Abrhamh Mebrat, director of the IDRMFSS, noted that the objective of hosting the annual consultative meeting is to share knowledge and experience on building disaster resilient community. The meeting would also be a beginning to work together and bring risk free and resilient Society, he added.

Natural hazards and human-induced disasters are recurrent phenomenon in Africa causing loss of life and livelihoods, displacement of people, damages to public and infrastructures, and that it is by application of science and technology through education, research and outreach endeavors that we will reduce these problems, said BDU’s Vice-President for Research and Community Service Dr. Mulunesh Abebe in her opening speech. In this regard, Bahir Dar University has introduced Disaster Risk Management education to be equipped with all the scientific capabilities of forecasting and managing disaster and risks, she added.
Her Excellency Prof. Sarah Anyang, the African Union Commissioner for Human Resources, and Science and Technology, different Periperi U partners, representatives from UN agencies, NGOs and Universities have attended the meeting.
Finally, Prof. Sarah and her team have visited BDU and discussed with BDU’s President about the contribution of universities in general and Pan-African Universities (run by African Union) in Particular in the development of Africa.

Wed, 11/01/2017
Bahir Dar University IDRMFSS