DHS CAPACITY BUILDING-TRAINING REPORT Demographic and Health Survey Data Analysis Training Workshop

Institute of Disaster Risk Management & Food Security Studies


The DHS data analysis training workshop was conducted from April 11-15/2019. The first day

was considered as awareness creation workshop. More than forty two participants including the

director were attend for the first day workshop. The actual training participants were forty. Even

if we gave emphasis for gender during our invitation the female participants were limited to only

seven. The budget source of the training was the institute and project of the institute. Day one of

the training session was started after opening speech by the Director. The training venue was at

Poly campus of BahirDar University.

The training participants were academic staff members and postgraduate students from BahirDar

University, researchers from Amhara Region Public Health Institute, and Amhara Research

Institute. The training participants were from diverse discipline; Public health, economics,

geography and population, nutrition, rural development and agricultural extension, statistics,

climate change and development, midwifery, disaster risk management and sustainable

development, and biomedical science.

More than eleven research titles were extracted from the DHS report by the trainees and it was

considered as the training outcome. Even if it was challenging to fulfill the logistics and conduct

such a compressive training for voluminous number of trainees, we did it due to the high

willingness and support of our director and focal person of the institute’s project titled Peri-Peri

U. It was time of deadline to submit our working paper to the DHS programme. However, the

team took a double responsibility at a time and accomplished successfully. The effort of our team

to facilitate all the training logistics from inviting participants, purchasing stationery, fulfilling

the accommodation, arranging training hall to making real the training were highly

appreciated. The team also appreciate Mr.Gedefaw for accepting our invitation with his tight

program in doing his PhD research and valuable contribution during merge DHS dataset session


and adding other tips for our trainees.

Thu, 04/11/2019
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Bahir Dar University