Bahir Dar University School of Law held Friday Seminar on the Legal Issues Involving in Recent Massive Ethnic Massacre in Gambella

It is widely reported that ethinic Murle of South Sudan, which is geographically located on Ethio-South Sudanese border, killed more than 200 Nuer Ethinic people in Gambella, Ethiopia. Moreover, it has also put under its control more than 108 children and 2000 cattle. As a consequent to this, there is huge tension between ethinic Murle Armed Force and Ethiopian Military force. Ethiopian government officially declared that its military force will take any necessary action against Murle Armed Force to return the children back to their home country and rejoin their family.

Mr. Nega Ewnetie, senior International and Humanitarian Law professor of Bahir Dar Univesrity School of Law, after watching out all private, public, and social media releases has analyzed the legal issues involving in the armed conflict. He presented his observation on the last Friday Seminar (April 22, 2016) of the School of Law under the theme of “The Relationship between a State and an Organized Armed Group and the Bearing on the Classification of Armed conflict: the Case of the Armed Conflict between the Defense Force of Ethiopia and the Ethnic Murle of South Sudan.” The academic staff and postgraduate students of the School of Law attended the session.

The presenter raised many issues based on existing facts leaving room open for further investigation. Among the issues he mainly capitalized on whether the murder caused by ethnic Murle of South Sudan is attributable to the government of south Sudan. This has raised hot academic debate. Many international legal frameworks are analyzed for academic purpose. It is apparently agreed that it is not right time to judge on this issue given that the facts released by medias are not enough and reliable as well.

Finally, participants confirmed that the observation of the presenter on this very topical issue has academic and practical importance.