The College Conducts its Second Annual Science Conference

The College of Science, Bahir Dar University, has conducted the Second Annual Science Conference (ASC 2014) on the theme “Science, Sustainable Development and Global Challenges” from 2- 3 May 2014 in the University’s Auditorium.

The dean of the College of science, Dr. Essey Kebede, while addressing the audience has indicated that the conference focuses on the recent developments in the field of science, and the contribution of science to development and its side-effects to global challenges.

The Director General of Ethiopian Institute for Biodiversity Conservation, Dr. Gemedo Dalle, said in his keynote speech that maintaining biosphere through scientific assessments of global, regional and local realities is crucial to poverty reduction and sustainable development through enhancing scientific understanding. He added that providing high quality education in science and technology provides good opportunity in the global competition.

Four plenary lectures were delivered by eminent Professors within and outside Ethiopia.

  • Unique Bio-resources from Ethiopia with Applications in Food, Medicine and Cosmetics: Professor (Emeritus) Ermias      Dagne, Addis Ababa University.
  • The imperatives of research universities in Ethiopia: Professor Masresha Fetene, Addis Ababa University.
  • Solar Energy for Sustainable Development: Professor Teketel Yohannes, Addis Ababa University.
  • Challenges in teaching chemistry laboratories in some universities in Ethiopia: Professor Zewdu Gebeyehu, Columbus State University, USA.

More than 150 research articles, from different universities and organizations in the country on:

  • the basic sciences (biology, chemistry, earth sciences, mathematics, physics, statistics)
  • applied sciences, (agriculture, health and medicine, material sciences, industrial chemistry, technology)
  • green science,
  • sustainable development, and
  • global challenges

were submitted for oral presentation at this conference. Of these 60 were selected by peer review process. About 50% of the selected papers are from Bahir Dar University. The remaining portion of the presentation comes from more than 13 universities in the country. These research papers were presented in seven parallel sessions.

The two days conference brings together the expertise of the presenters and other participants from all over the country to discuss the above mentioned issues of common concern, have a common understanding on our responsibilities in working towards development and promoting environmentally friendly discoveries of science and technology and propose alternatives and solutions.

The conference was also intended to inspire high school and preparatory school students towards science and technology fields. Accordingly 100 students selected (by academic merit) from 12 schools were invited to attend the conference and to visit the different laboratories in the college. Dr. Baylie Damtie, president of the university has delivered a lecture to them.

More than 450 participants have attended the conference.