Postgraduate Programs(Msc)

The College is currently running thirteen post graduate programs (MSc). All the Master programs are thesis based. A student has to do an independent thesis work under the close supervision of the advisor. Apart from the thesis work that has 6 credit hours, a minimum of 26 credit hour lecture has to be taken by the student to complete the masters program. The master programs of the College are:

      1. Agronomy
      2. Animal Breeding and Genetics
      3. Animal Nutrition
      4. Animal Production
      5. Disaster Risk Management & Sustainable Development
      6. Fisheries and Wetland Management
      7. Horticulture
      8. Land Resource Management
      9. Plant Breeding
      10. Plant protection
      11. Apiculture
      12. Wild life and Ecotourism Management
      13. Rural Development Management

 Currently the master program is pursuing in the regular and summer program. The regular program takes two years to complete the study. The first year is entirely for the course work in which the student is also expected to prepare the thesis proposal as well. The second year is for giving MSc seminar, data collection and write-up of the thesis work. The summer program students are required to finish the course work in two summers. In the winter and summer semester of the third year, they have to finish the data collection and the write-up of the thesis and they have to defend and finish by the third summer semester.

Additional curricula are being developed to open PhD level programs in Agronomy, Soil Science, Plant Breeding, Fisheries and Wetland Management and Animal Nutrition.