Amhara Region Food Security Network


Vision, Mission and values





The Amhara region food network aspires to see absolute poverty eradicated and food security ensured throughout the Amhara region and the country.




The network works to integrate the effort of actor to ensure that the most eligible poor and disadvantaged people are really benefited & impacted and actors are accountable and responsive to the needs and interest of the people.




==> Courage: Demonstrated commitment for sharing and learning;


==> Ethical: Integrity, solidarity, honesty, accountability and transparency;


==> Respect: Trust and equal partnership, respect organizational identity and consensus building;


==> Common and shared vision; on what is intended address and maintaining focus on the common purpose;


==> Enhance voluntarism, professionalism and humility.


Overall Objective


Reinforce food security network member organizations contribution to the realization of regional and local food security policies, strategies and interventions through debate, dialogue, negotiation, and discussion with the spirit of partnership among members, community, and donor agencies.

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