Participant Schools

So far 65 students in the first  Math Camp and 99 students in the second Math Camp programs, a total of 164 grade 7 to 12 students from 14 governmental schools and 9 private schools participate in the program.  In addition, 20 school teachers, 16 Bahir Dar University Instroctors and 11 International volunteers participated in the Programs. Schools in and around Bahir Dar City where teachers and students were selected are listed below:

Governmental Schools

Bahir Dar Zuria Preparatory School

Fasilo Secondary School

Ghion Secondary and Preparatory School

Tana Haik Secondary and Preparatory School

Dilchibo Elementary School

Dona Berber Elementary School

Ewuket Fana Elementary School

Kulkual Meda Elementary School

Meskerem 16 Elementary School

Sertse Dingil Elementary School

Shimbit Elementary School

Teyma Elementary School

Tsehay Gibat Elementary School

Yekatit 23 Elementary School

Private Schools

Catholic Secondary and Preparatory School

SOS Elementary, Secondary and Preparatory School

Bahir Dar Academy

HDM Secondary School

Horizon Secondary and Preparatory School

Catholic Elementary School

Enat School

Eshet Academy

Millenium Progress Academy