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Sup Exam Form

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Sup Exam Form
Program _______________________________
Part-I – Information to be given by the student 
1.  Name of the student _________________________ ID.No. __________ Sex _____________ Department ____________
2.  The student is dismissed in the academic year of ___________________ Semester _______________ Year of study ______________
3.  The grade point scored by the student at the time of dismissal CGPA _____________ SGPA _______________
Date of Application for Readmission _____________
Signature of the applicant for readmission _______________
Part –II – Office Use Only

List of the course/s that should be taken by the student to score CGPA of 2.00 (If the student is above 1st year 1st semester), SGPA of 1.75 (if the student is 1st year 1st semester) and SGPA of 1.75 (If the student is above 1st year 1st semester but dismissed due to failure to achieve his SGPA 1.75).
In the projection of CGPA and SGPA the student is not allowed to take more than five courses or 15cr.hrs.


If the students has taken ____________________ courses/s or ________ the project CGPA will be __________ & his SGPA will be _____________
Name of the advisor _________________________________ Signature ___________/_____/____/____/
dd mm yy
Name of the faculty/College/School Information and Documentation Case Worker _________________________________ Signature ___________/_____/____/____/
dd mm yy
If any error is committed kin selecting courses/s that will be taken by the student & calculating the CGPA & SGPA the advisor  of the student & the Information and Documentation 
Case Worker are squarely responsible.
Accepted by the department head/course chair/, Name ________________________ Signature ___________ Date of receiving ______________
Received by Information and Documentation Case Worker _________________ Signature _____________ Date ______________
N.B: This form has to be prepared in three copies
1st - copy to the CRIPCT with receipts of 20 birr
2nd - copy to advisor of  the student
3rd  -copy to the applicant
The student should pay 20 birr & attach the receipt with this form.   




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