Within the organizational set up of Bahir Dar University, the Law School is accountable to the Vice Presidents of the University. Within this organizational structure, the School is autonomous in many respects. It prepares its own budget and administers upon approval. It runs its day-to-day activities on its own. The highest decision making organ at the Faculty/School level has been, and still is, the Academic Council and the Director of the School runs day-to-day activities. Most activities of the School are accomplished by the various units of the School in close consultation and supervision of the Director.

There are a number of units within the School: Research and Publication Unit; Continuing Education Unit; Distance and Summer Education Program; Human Rights Centre; Legal Aid Centre; Program Management and Marketing Case Team; Customer Relations and Information Case Team; Scholarship and Projects Unit; and Moot Court Center.

The School also hosts the Department of Governance and Development Studies. Preparations are underway to enable this department to develop into a self sufficient institute having its own autonomy.