LLM in Criminal Justice and Human Rights

Our LL.M Program in Criminal Justice and Human Rights is the first of its kind all over the country’s law schools. It provides students with a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the knowledge and expertise that lead them to become matured and full-fledged professionals in both specific, but interrelated, fields of Human Rights and Criminal Justice.


Program Objectives


The program is designed to train qualified persons in criminal justice and human rights who can help to transform the current state of the criminal justice system and human rights practices. The program focuses on a systematic examination of the criminal justice system in its entirety which involves a sustained and methodological investigation of its normative, institutional, procedural and cultural framework. The program is expected to widen the students’ understanding of theoretical background and legal framework of human rights law. In light of the close inter-relationship of criminal justice and human rights, the LLM in Criminal Justice and Human Rights program will allow the students the flexibility to receive advanced instructions in both areas of law. The program is designed in such a way as to enable students acquire an in-depth understanding of how the criminal justice system works and relate it with human rights law. The program will also develop a range of transferable skills, including in research, written and oral presentation.


Graduates will be equipped with an advanced understanding of the legal and theoretical framework of the criminal justice system and human rights. They will be able to identify problems in the criminal justice and human rights issues and come up with workable solutions. Further, they will acquire the knowledge and skills required to conduct cutting-edge research in a professional manner in their field.


Course Breakdown


The list of courses offered in the program is indicated in the table below by the year and the semester in which they are offered.


  • Advanced Legal Research Methodology
  • Advanced Issues in Criminal Law
  • Criminology
  • The History, Philosophy and Politics of Human Rights
  • Comparative Criminal Justice Policy
  • Advanced Criminal Procedure & Criminal Evidence
  • International Human Rights Law
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Restorative Justice
  • International Criminal Law
  • Comparative Regional Human Rights Protection System
  • Human Rights and Development
  • LLM Thesis