Project Members

Team Leaders and Members:

North: Prof. Verleyen Elie, Ghent University - Aquatic microbial ecology

South: Prof. Mulugeta Kibret, Bahir Dar University - Microbiology

Project Members (South): 

Dr. Ayalew Wondie

BDU,  Department of  Biology, Science College

Aquatic and Wetland Sciences

Mr. Bayeh Abera

BDU,Department of Microbiology, Parasitology and Immunology, College of Medicine and health Sciences

Medical Microbiology

Dr. Daniel Ayalew

BDU,  Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Social Science Faculty

Geography and GIS

Dr. Getachew Beneberu

BDU,  Department of  Biology, Science College

Aquatic Ecology

Dr. Minwyelet Mingist

BDU,  Department of Fisheries, Wetlands and Wildlife Management, College of Agriculture and Environmental Science

Fisheries Sciences & Aquatic Ecology

Dr. Wassie Anteneh

BDU,  Department of  Biology, Science College

Aquatic Ecology

Project Members (North):

Prof. Peter Goethals

Ghent University

Integrated water system analysis

Prof. Luc De Meester

KU Leuven

Aquatic ecology

Prof. Steven Bouillon

KU Leuven

Aquatic food webs

Prof. Ludwig Triest

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Aquatic ecology and wetlands

Prof. Alain De Vocht

University Hasselt/PXL University College

Fish biology

Prof. Wim Vyverman

Ghent University

Aquatic ecology

Dr. Christine Van der Heyden

Hogeschool Gent

Water quality

Prof. Kurt Houf

Ghent University

Food pathogens

Dr. Cornelis Stal

Hogeschool Gent

GIS and remote sensing

Mr. Quinten Vanhellemont

Royal Institute for Natural Sciences

Remote sensing of aquatic ecosystems