Program Management

Decision-making bodies for BDU-IUC policy are:

  • BDU-IUC local steering committee
  • President and V/Presidents of BDU
  • Flemish and local programme coordinators as well as the programme manager 

Programme Coordinators:

North: Prof. Jan Nyssen, Ghent University – Physical Geography

South: Dr Mulunesh Abebe - Gender and Social Work

Project Support Unit:

BDU-IUC programme has a Programme Support Unit (PSU) situated at Bahir Dar University which manages the day-to-day activity. Besides to project coordinators and project managers in both North and South sides, the PSU is also supported by an executive secretary, a programme accountant, and drivers.

ICOS (North): Mrs Valerie Ernst, Ghent University

Programme Manager (South): Dr. Enyew Adgo, Bahir Dar University – Soil Science

BDU-IUC Phase II overall organizational structure and its research output dissemination plan (generated from phase I)