General Objective:

This project aims to (i)improve the research capacity and research-based education on the Lake Tana Basin ecosystem in Bahir Dar University, and (ii) ensure an optimized, balanced and more sustainable use of the Lake Tana Basin ecosystem by providing the scientific baseline data needed for conservation planning and the involvement of diverse stakeholders.


Specific objectives:

The five specific objectives will be reached through the training of three PhD and five MSc students and can be articulated as follows:

  1. Ecological monitoring of the lake and its tributary rivers;
  2. Water borne diseases;
  3. Lake’s food web, fish stock and migrations;
  4. Diversity and disturbance of wetlands and its past changes

Expected intermediate results

  • Limnological monitoring
  • Waterborne diseases and prevention measures
  • Fish and food web
  • Wetlands, lake shores, papyrus and water hyacinths
  • Data integration and scientific communication