What to do in Bahir Dar

Bahir Dar is one of the leading tourist destinations in Ethiopia. In 2002 it was awarded the UNESCO cities for peace prize for addressing the challenges of rapid urbanization. We recommend you to do the following in Bahir Dar.

  • Cycling:- most of the people ride bicycle to get around Bahir Dar
  • Marketing:- Bahir Dar has big and colorful market that is open everyday. Saturday is the biggest market day. You buy items by negotiation.
  • Boating: Lake Tana and Blue Nile rever are nearby to Bahir Dar.
  • Enjoyment: There are cultural night clubs to enjoy at Bahir Dar.
  • Touring: Bahir Dar and the surroundings  are the tourist place in Ethiopia. It is also beautiful, well planed and safest city.  We recommend the following places to be visited.

·               Bahir Dar and Lake Tana: http://www.amharatours.org.et/bahirdar.html

·               Gonder: http://www.amharatours.org.et/gonder.html

·                Lalibela:  http://www.amharatours.org.et/lalibela.html

·               Seimen mountains: http://www.amharatours.org.et/seimen.html

·               In addition, more information can be found from

http://www.amharatours.org.et/  and