Lodging & Reservation


Luxury and expensive hotels: 

 Grand Resort and Spa: http://www.grandresortspabahirdar.com/ (reserve online)

Kuriftu Resort and Spa: http://kurifturesortspa.com/DestinationBahirdar

Avanti Blue Nile Hotel: https://www.facebook.com/avantibahirdar

 Affordable hotels:

Jacaranda Hotel: http://jacarandahotelbahirdar.com ( reserve online)

Addis Amba Hotel: www.addisamba.com (reserve online)

Papyrus Hotel:

Summer Land Hotel:

Rahnile Hotel:

Bahir Dar Hotel No. 2:

 For room reservation please contact LOC via the following emails:

melessewnigussie@yahoo.com, fasgibe@yahoo.com