Teshome Taffa Dadi

Position: Assistant Professor



P.O.Box:(100) 2260



Academic Unit/Department:Institute of Land Administration


Educational Background:

I attended my elementary and secondary school education at Meraro and Bekoji schools respectively. I completed my first and second degree (Ba and MA in Geography) from Addis Ababa University in 1980 E.C. (1987 G.C.) and 1987 E.C. (1994 G.C) respectively. Since then I worked in the Department of Geography (at BDU) till August 2005 from the rank of Graduate Assistant to Lecturer. In November 2006 G.C I got MSc in Land management from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and since thenI have been working at the Institute of Land Administration in the same university. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor in land management. I have more than twenty-seven years teaching experience. Besides teaching, I assumed different administrative positions in Bahir Dar University. To mention the major positions, I assumed:

  1. the Head of Geography and Land Administration Departments for about four years,
  2. the Coordinator of continuing and distance Education programme at ILA and BDU for seven years,
  3. contact person for the Sida project to establish the Institute of Land Administration for two years and six months,
  4. vice Director for the Institute of Land Administration for three years, and
  5. coordinator of research and community service at the Institute of Land Administration for 6 months


Currently PhD fellow at South African University Distance Education Program (UNISA).

MSC in Land management (Nov. 2006) from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

MA in Geography (July 1994) from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.

BA in Geography (July 1987) from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.

Courses Taught:

I am teaching land administration track courses such as governing common lands and natural resource management, land use planning, land tenure and policy, and infrastructure regulationsat an MA and undergraduate levels.


Research AreaInterest

My research interest includes informal settlements and land management, land dispute and land tenure studies, governing commons and other resources, population, resources and environment interactions.


  1. Journal

Characteristics of Property Units in Ethiopia, the Case of Two Pilot Projects in Amhara National Regional State, Scandinavian Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research, V.6, No.2., March 2009.

  1. Papers presented in conferences (unpublished)

Evaluation of Institute of Land Administration (ILA) BSC Graduates’ Performance at Work: an Evaluative Tracer Study, Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, 2013 (Team work).

Lake Tana Region Development Policies, presented at Three Day International Scientific Workshop at Bahir Dar University, 17th to 19th February 2011.

Nature of Property Units in Ethiopia, Case Study of Two Pilot Projects, presented at FIG Congress 2010: Facing the Challenges – Building the Capacity, Sydney, Australia, 11-16 April 2010.

Importance of Population/Family Life Education for Adolescents and Youth presented at the workshop conducted to establish Population/Family Life Education Clubs in High Schools of Amhara Region, Bahir Dar. 3-4 April 1997.

Population Growth and Resource Utilization in Ethiopia presented at Population/Family Life Orientation Workshop for Bahir Dar Teachers College Instructors, Bahir Dar. 27-30   December, 1996.

Environmental Education, Supply and Growth of Educational Materials presented at Environmental Education Orientation Workshop, Bahir Dar. October 24-25, 1996.

Some Aspects of the Problem of Environmental Sanitation in Bahir Dar Town presented at the Thirteenth Annual May Seminar of Bahir Dar Teachers College, Bahir Dar, May 1995.

Impacts of Population Pressure on Land, Land Cover and Land Use Patterns in Robi Catchment, presented at a Seminar on Environment, Population, and Famine in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa University. July 27-28, 1994

  1. Consultancy service:

Background Report on Land Governance Assessment Framework Analysis for public Land Management in Ethiopia, LGAF Ethiopia, December 2015.

Ethiopia: Quality control consultancy service for the employees of the Ministry of Urban Development, Housing and Construction, 2014-2015, I was the team member of the consultancy service.

Ethiopia: Coordinating Regional Rural Land Laws and Implementation Impact Study for ELAP, Strengthening Land Administration Program in Ethiopia. 2011. The Institute of Land Administration at BDU agreed to take part in this national study, and I was the coordinator at the initial stage of this study.

Ethiopia: Farmers’ Knowledge, Attitudes and practices (KAP) Survey on Regional Public Information and Awareness (PIA) Campaign for Amhara National Regional State: a Consultation Paper for Ethiopian Land Tenure and Administration program (ELTAP), July 2007, I was the coordinator of the team.

  1. Ongoing Research Project:

Assessment of the Impact on Farmers of the Policy Differences between Oromia and Amhara Land Proclamations for Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) Programme, June 2015 (Team work).

The Role of Land Management in Dealing with the Problems of Informal Settlements While Ensuring Ecological Conservation in Bahir Dar City, Ethiopia, ongoing PhD dissertation.

  1. Other Products (Module and Teaching Materials):

Produced a module for Governing the commons course for Distance Education Learners at the Institute of Land Administration.

Co-produced a module for Infrastructure regulation course for Distance Education Learners at the Institute of Land Administration.

Produced a module for Economic Geography course for Distance Education Learners at the faculty of Education.

Produced a module for Population Geography course for Distance Education Learners at the faculty of Education.

Teaching/ learning material of social study for grade 8 to the Amhara Bureau of Education, Bahir Dar.

  1. Curricula

Developed (with other members at national level) Geography Curriculum for junior teacher colleges;

Developed BSc curriculum in Land Administration (as a team leader); and

Developed a MSc Curriculum in Land administration and management at ILA

  1. Professional Association:

Member of Teacher Association

Member of Population and Family Guidance Association

  1. Community Engagement: 

Contributes as a consultant in land tenure and related areas.


  1. Supervision Interests:

I am interested in supervising research works on informal settlements and land management, land dispute and land tenure studies, governing commons and other resources, population, resources and environment interactions.

  1. The topics I am currently supervising:

Nearly all the thesis I currently supervise relate to the areas indicated above.

  1. Topics supervised:

I supervised in areas related to those listed above.