Berhanu Kefale Alemie (PhD)

Tel.: 251-0918767303

 Email: berhanu_k2003@yahoo.com

PO Box590

Campus: Gish Abay (Yibab Campus)

Block: Adm Building/B-20

Academic Unit/ DepartmentInstitute of Land Administration



Born in Merawi, Ethiopia, I attended my education in Merawiprimary, elementary and secondary high schools.I joined Addis Ababa University for undergraduate study and awarded with BSc. Degree in Geology and Geophysics. I went to the Netherlands for  post graduate study and awarded with MSc. degree in Geoinformatics. I also earn my PhD degree in cadastre and land governance from University of Twente, the Netherlands. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor in Geoinformatics and cadastre at the Institute of Land Administration. Besides teaching, I am Research and Community Service Coordinator of the Institute of Land Administration. I am also coordinator of the ‘its4land’ project from the Institute of Land Administration side. This project isa consortium of seven international universities and stakeholders that aims to research on Geospatial technology innovations for land tenure security in East Africa.



PhD in University of Twente, the Netherlands

MSc in Institute of Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation, the Netherlands

BSc. Addis Ababa University


Current Teaching

I am teaching Land Information System, Cadastre, GIS and Remote Sensing courses both at an MSc and Undergraduate levels.


Research Interest

My research interest includes socio-spatial dimensions of land and environment, land use planning, Innovative high resolution technologies for land governance and administration, and cadastral modelling.


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  2. Referred Journal
    1. Alemie B.K., Zevenbergen J., Bennett R.M., (2015). Integrating the layers: an analysis of urban land governance in contemporary Ethiopia, East African Journal of Land Administration (accepted).


  • Book Chapter
    1. Alemie B.K., Bennett, R.M., Zevenbergen Z. (2015). Urbanization, Land Administration and Good-Enough Governance, In ‘Advances in Responsible Land Administration’, Eds. Zevenbergen, Z., de Varies, W., Bennett, R.M, CSC Press, Taylor & Francis Group.


  • PhD Dissertation
    1. Alemie B.K., (2015) Urban cadastre for urban land governance: a socio-technical analysis, PhD Dissertation, Faculty of ITC, University of Twente, the Netherlands.
    2. Papers presented in conferences
    3. Alemie B.K., Zevenbergen, J., Bennett R.M. (2015). Assessing urban land governance in Ethiopian cities (2002-2011): lessons for the implementation of the 2011 urban land management policy implementation, Peer reviewed conference paper, FIG Working Week, 17-21 May, 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria.
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  • Ongoing Research Project
    1. Assessing Informal Urban Development in the Amhara Region: a case study along the major highway running from Gondar city to Dejen town, funded by Bahir Dar University.
    2. Geospatial technology innovations for land tenure security in East Africa (‘its4land’ project which is a consortium of three African Universities and four European universities), funded by European commission.