Joint regional masters program (JRMP) Disaster risk management and food system resilience

The Horn of Africa Joint Regional Mater Program launching workshop has conduct on November 22, 2021 at University of Juba, south Sudan. As anchor of the Joint Regional Master Program Dr. Essey kebede, Academic Vice president   of BDU and Dr. Adane Tesfaye, Director of IDRMFSS represent BDU, Ethiopia. The program partners in the horn of Africa (University of Juba and University of Hargiesa) and (Wagenigen centre for Research and Innovation and Van hall larstine university of Applied Science) were represented.   During the launching workshop ceremony, Dr, Thomas Francis (UOJ) convey welcome speech and   Dr. Essey Kebede  (BDU) and  Prof Geerit Van JanUnfeel present speech about their respective university and importance of the the Jiont regional Program. Then Dutch ambassador for South Sudan and Africa union ambassador for South Sudan where attended for a guest of honour present opening speech and representative of vice chancellor (figure 1).

Figure 1:  Honour of guests for joint regional master program launching workshop

 Follow up of the launching workshop; interactive learning workshop has conducted from November 22 – 26, 2021 with the participation of the whole partner member universities and first batch of University of Juba, South Sudan students’ face to face and University of Hargiesa, Somaliland students virtually (figure 2 and 3).


Figure 2. Interactive learning practice for effective JRMP in DRM and FSR

Figure 3. UOJ students and JRMP in DRM and FSR instructors group photo