Resaerch Themes of the faculty

Governance and Development

According to World Bank (1995), governance and development are getting topical and political issues of many countries. This is largely due the widespread realization that inefficient state institutions do not necessarily ensure a high standard of economic development and democratization. Hence, the focus has shifted to governance and development, and more specifically; to basic principles, namely: transparency, accountability, participatory, rule of law, efficiency and effectiveness, equity and inclusiveness in development, consensus, and responsiveness.


History Heritage and Culture

Background and Justification

Amhara region in general and Bahir Dar Area, where Bahir Dar University is located, in particular is characterized by great diversity and complexity. It is rich in historical, cultural and heritage attraction in one hand and yet is one of the least studied and explored areas of the country on other. The existing literature in history, heritage, culture, land tenure system, ethnic interaction and cooperation, ethnic resolution and prevention mechanisms, Drought, Famine, resettlement gender relations Christian and Muslim Art, Epidemics and Traditional Medical Practices, Indigenous knowledge systems and practices and Traditional medical systems and others lack deeper analysis, background and context. Rather, they have a top-down perspective and tend to be impressionistic and partisan views. The Faculty of Social Sciences is, therefore, establishing research centers to provide a comprehensive and through research study in the region under by grouping staffs of each programmes respective of their specialization.

Population and environment


Bahir Dar University is one of the government universities in Ethiopia which is located at the heart of Lake Tana sub basin. The university has vision to become the prominent research universities in Africa and has mission to contribute substantially to the nation’s development and transformation plan. With motto of Wisdom at the Source of the Blue Nile, the university has core values of quality, discourse, innovation, integrity, democratic culture and social responsibility.