Duties and Responsibilities of Academic Vice Dean

 As per Article 40 of the Senate legislation (May 2019), the academic vice Dean shall have the
following powers and responsibilities:

  • Directs the teaching-learning activities of the academic units
  • Follows up and executes the decisions and recommendations of the AC.
  • Seeks to provide opportunities for educational and professional development of the staff and
    students of the academic unit.
  • Follows up and facilitates the processing of Development s, promotions, salary increments andbenefits due to staff members of the AU.
  • Prepares and causes to be prepared plans, programs and budgets for the activities of the facultyand closely supervises the implementation of approved plans and programs.
  • Supervises the proper use of resources within the AU.
  • Ensures that students evaluations and colleague reviews of staff members of the AU are properlyconducted and the necessary reports are submitted to the Dean as per procedures on these matters.
  • Develop strategies for the expansion of academic programs at all levels.
  • Ensuring timely and effective communication and advertisement of academic programs.
  • Ensure timely and effective orientation of students.
  • Ensure that course instructors, advisors, and examiners are timely assigned on merit basis
  • Follow up the college’s customers needs & expectations and works toward meeting those
    identified needs and expectations;
  • Shall set target performance levels of the college, and shall communicate the goal and process
    map for its attainment;
  • Continually collect information on the performance of core processes through various  mechanismsincluding customer satisfactions assessments; evaluate the performance achievements, identifygaps, and develop proposals for process improvement and communicate the finding to the collegeDean;
  • Develop process flowcharts, and the corresponding manuals, guidelines, etc;
  • Develop procedures and standards for performance and execution;
  •   Ensure the development and implementation of appropriate, customer and outcome-focused,
    efficient and effective, management and measurement system, process design, value and culturein the college;
  •  Assess, together with department heads, the performance of teaching-learning and organize a
    report to the Dean;
  • Conduct periodic and continuous program market analysis.
  • Ensure continuous impact assessment, evaluation, and graduates follow up and feedback.
  •  Convene periodic program review sessions wherein external and internal stakeholders and partners shall be invited and gather relevant program improvement information;
  •  Discuss with department heads and staff on process improvement; and
  •  Take the Dean’s role in the absence of the latter.
  • Carries out other relevant tasks assigned to him by the Dean.