Faculty debates 2013 EC budget

Faculty debates 2013 budget

 (16/10/2020) The Faculty of Humanities discussed the 2013 EC annual budget plan via online on 15.10/2020. 57 staff members of the Faculty were in attendance.

 As a kick off to the session, Sefa Meka (PhD), Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, gave a briefing on the 2013 EC budget year, resource allocation for academic, research, community service and administration throughout the year.

Because BDU has achieved requirements for prevention of COVID-19, according to the team commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Dean advised that staff members are expected not only to teach but also to partake in protecting students from COVID-19 outbreak. Staff members raised concerns with regards to adjusting resources and facilities (mask, washing sites, classroom arrangement, etc.), and the need to prepare a guideline for students and staffers before class starts.

As learned from the discussion, academic staffs have tried to come up with project proposals only to see no funds available. The Dean, in his turn, said that trials were made to discuss and alleviate the dearth of research funds with the responsible management body.  

The necessity of research article publications and journal reputability for academic promotion was also raised and deliberated on the day.