PhD in Literature

Name of Academic Unit:

Faculty of Humanities


English language and literature


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Literature


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Literature

Description of the Program:

The PhD program in Literature at Bahir Dar University has the general objective of producing highly qualified professionals in literary study capable of doing research, teaching literature, and enhancing the historical, cultural and intellectual development of the country. All doctoral candidates in the program are challenged to think across various aspects of literature and to consider the relationship of literary texts and theory to other disciplines such as culture and media. Hence, the program is designed to achieve the following specific objectives: 

1. to produce qualified researchers capable of analyzing and interpreting literary and artistic works

2. to shape and stimulate progress of scientific staff, who will encourage the study of literature and culture

 3. to equip candidates with the skills for conducting independent research so that they may contribute to the advancement of literary and cultural studies

4. identify scientific questions and subject them to critical analysis in an independent way

5. to help qualified candidates to organize literary research forums, to discuss findings from their special areas with colleagues, students and experts, and to present and explain these findings to both students as well as to academic and interested non-­‐academic audiences.

6. To produce qualified teachers of literature for institutions of higher learning in general and for the emerging colleges and universities in particular. 

7. To enable candidates to look beyond the boundaries of their own discipline and integrate themselves into inter-­‐disciplinary scientific discourse

Medium of instruction:


Eligibility criteria:

Admission to the doctoral program requires valid proof of the necessary academic level. This includes:


Proof of completion of a relevant master’s program in English Language and Literature with a minimum GPA of 3.0.  Graduates with M.A. in Amharic or Folklore or Theatre Arts are also eligible for the program.


It can be open to applicants with a different academic background, such as History, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, and Gender Studies. However, these applicants must have an appropriate research topic, PhD proposal and research questions. If admitted to the program, they are also required to take prerequisite courses in consultation with the Department.


Applicants should pass the entrance examination set by the Department of English Language and Literature, Bahir Dar University.     


Official transcripts of all graduate study must be provided.


Applicants should present a proof of financial support.


Applicants should fulfill other requirements set by the university.

Annual intake:

10 students per section (one section)


Ayenew Guadu (PhD)


Tuition Fee:

Applicants may be organization-sponsored or self-sponsored. Both the organization-and self-sponsored applicants will pay fee for education and research based on the University’s by-laws.