PhD in Media and Communication

Name of Academic Unit:

Faculty of Humanities


Journalism and Communications


Media & Communication


Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Media and Communication

Description of the Program:

The PhD program prepares illustrious researchers, professionals, and journalism and communications researchers by developing their profound knowledge and practice in conducting high-level original research as well as increasing their knowledge about international communication affairs and journalistic practices. It would also help PhD scholars conceptualize different philosophies and theories that apply in the development of journalism practices in national and international communication while current issues acquire more and more emphasis in each of the contents under discussion. The PhD program also equips candidates with high-level, problem-solving, reflective and responsive, original researches in the field that contribute in solution provision to national and international problems and in general, to the process of knowledge building in the field.

Medium of instruction:


Eligibility criteria:

Admission to the PhD study gives priority to students with an MA degree in Media/Journalism and Communication, Strategic Communication /Public Relations or other fields of media and communication studies. Applicants with MA degree from other related fields such as language, literature and social sciences will be accepted with the condition that they have to take bridge courses listed in this curriculum for one academic year before joining the program The bridge courses will help them to obtain the essence of the field of study, i.e. media and communication. Applicants who take the bridge course should attain at least B grade in a given course to be admitted as a student of the PhD program.

Admission is subject to 

a. the approval of the CGS (Council of Graduate Studies) and as per BDU‟s Legislation,

b. three letters from academic references,

c. sample of academic writing,

d. a proposal of the area of investigation,

e. students have also to pass an entrance examination for admission to the Program. Satisfactory performance in an entrance examination is administered as part of the applicants‟ screening process.


Annual intake:

2-10 (one section)


Jemal Mohammed (PhD)



Tuition Fee:

Applicants may be organization-sponsored or self-sponsored. Both the organization-and self-sponsored applicants will pay fee for education and research based on the University’s by-laws.