PhD in Teaching Amharic

Name of Academic Unit:

Faculty of Humanities


Ethiopian Languages & Literature-Amharic


Teaching Amharic


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Teaching Amharic

Description of the Program:

The doctoral program in Teaching Amharic aims at preparing educational practitioners to become effective and creative educational leaders in Amharic education, providing them with strong repertoire of knowledge and skills and professional dispositions. The program prepares students to:

1. Acquire a strong theoretical knowledge base in Amharic Language education, and applied linguistics research.

2.  Acquire ability to apply language teaching and language learning theory and research to Amharic teaching methodology.

3.   Acquire ability to read, interpret, and evaluate professional literature.

4.   Acquire the ability to conduct and evaluate original field research and present findings.

5.   Acquire a deep understanding of the role of linguistics and the impact of social and cultural factures in teaching Amharic.

6.   Provide opportunities to acquire refresh or expand their knowledge of the role of research in language teaching.

7. Become active members and advocates of the Amharic language education profession.

   Develop knowledge and skills to design, implement, and evaluate teacher training programs

Medium of instruction:


Eligibility criteria:

Applicants to the doctoral program in Teaching Amharic are expected to have strong background in Amharic language teaching methodology and language teaching and learning theories. Additionally, applicants are expected to have a minimum of one-year prior Amharic language teaching experience.  Applicants must also satisfy the following requirements:


·  Recommendation: each applicant must provide three written confidential recommendations from person who can attest to the applicant’s academic and professional abilities and proven accomplishments in education.

·    Writing test: applicants will be required to take writing and critical analysis test in which they read and write critical analysis of journal articles.

·   Synopsis: each applicant is expected to provide written research synopsis which describes the research methodology of the problem or question that will be researched, including brief theoretical perspectives.


Annual intake:

10 students per section (two sections)


Marew Alemu (PhD)


Tuition Fee:

Applicants may be organization-sponsored or self-sponsored. Both the organization-and self-sponsored applicants will pay fee for education and research based on the University’s by-laws.