B.Ed.in Amharic Language

Name of Academic Unit:

Faculty of Humanities


Ethiopian Language(s) & Literature - Amharic


Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Amharic Language


Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Amharic Language

Description of the Program:

This program is designed to train competent, interested and skillful graduates who will serve as secondary school Amharic language teachers. The curriculum is believed to equip students with subject matter, professional, subject area methods and practicum courses. Therefore, it is designed focusing on the competencies the graduates need to attain by integrating both content area courses (Amharic Language and Literature, knowledge and skills) and pedagogy courses.

The rationale for the development of this concurrent teacher education program is to see an alternative program whereby professional courses are offered together with subject area courses.


Medium of instruction:


Eligibility criteria:

Candidates who are eligible for the program are:

    A. The university entrance cut off point for teacher  education which is to  be set by the MOE, OR

   B. Entrance examination: 

  • To assess students’ readiness, predisposition, and motivation to become secondary school teachers.
  • To assess students’ aptitude & communication skills
  • To assess their engagement with schools (if any)

Annual intake:

40-60 students per section (1 section)


Mastewal Wubetu (PhD)

Email: zelekemast@gmail.com

Tuition Fee: