International experience for our PhD students

A professor from Norway is teaching PhD candidates

As part of the students-teacher exchange program between NLA University College and BDU, Professor Oddgeir Tveiten will be here at Peda Campus to deliver a course for PhD candidates in Media and communication at Department of Journalism and Communication, BDU.

Oddgeir Tveiten, who is currently a professor of media studies at the Department of global development and planning, Universitetet i Agder, has been engaged in several professional duties and was a recipient of many of awards. His professional contribution to the PhD candidates in the Faculty is believed tremendously enriching as the candidates will benefit from his vast international teachig and research experience in the field. Such efforts will promote internationalization of the programs within BDU contributing something to achieve the mission and vision of the BDU.

The Professor will be teaching a course titled Media and Communication Theories.