BA in Afan Oromo, Literature and Communication

Name of Academic Unit:

Faculty of Humanities


Ethiopian Language(s) & Literature – Afan Oromo


Afan Oromo, Literature and Communication


Bachelor of Arts in Afan Oromo, Literature and Communication


Description of the Program:

The program objective is to train qualified personnel capable of working in different settings: public relation officers, secondary school teachers and mass media workers. It also focused on learners promote research skills in and/or on Afan Oromo and develop their concepts and knowledge of linguistics, literature, socio-cultural aspects of Oromo language.


Medium of instruction:

Afan Oromo (Common course are in English)


Eligibility criteria:

 Admission to the program would require:

  •  Satisfying the general admission requirements of the university’s senate legislation;
  • Having basic level understanding of Afan Oromo;
  • Taking Afan Oromo courses at the lower levels of education;
  • Choosing the program.

Annual intake:

40-60 students per section (one section)


Abdurahman Abdulkedir



Tuition Fee: