Humanities to teach Ge'ez

The Faculty of Humanities will start teaching Ge'ez in 2017/18 academic year. Dr. Dawit Amogne, Dean of the Faculty says that the curriculum for Masters in Ge'ez has been reviewed in public workshop, held in Old Senate Hall, back in October 2017.


On the workshop, it has been underscored that the ancient and medival images of Ethiopia are available through Ge'ez. The language has been utilized to record and preserve the ancient culture, religion and history of Ethiopia.

The discussants have also explained that Geez is the ancient home of knowledge during the past era. Thus, the study of the language is hoped to bring the multifaceted wisdom of the country and thereby contribute to the renaissance efforts.

Dr. Dawit has expressed his hope that the reviewed curriculum will get the approval of the university senate and will be added to the already running programs of the faculty. As per the dean's remark, the program will be launched on the start of 2018.

Opening Ge'ez as a department in the faculty, as Dr. Dawit has noted, is a paramount step taken to realize the vision 2025 of Bahir Dar University.

The renowned Ge'ez scholars, Dr. Sirgew Gelaw and Dr. Mulusew Asratie, from Addis Ababa University, together with professors of Humanities, and other invited scholars of the language have made a rigorous review on the draft carriculum.