Faculty debates 2013 budget

 (16/10/2020) The Faculty of Humanities discussed the 2013 EC annual... Read More

The English Language and Literature Department of BDU elects a new chairperson. During the election day, Dean of Faculty of Humanities, Dr Sefa Meka thanked the leaving chairperson Dr. Tesfamaryam G/Meskel for his tireless engagement in handling the multifarious tasks as the head of the department. In his brief address, recognizing the huge potential in the department, the dean emphasized the staff to stand together for greater achievements... Read More

Humanities Faculty, BDU graduates more than 80 high school students who have been attending access micro scholarship program for two years.

Faculty of Humanities holds its fourth PhD curriculum review

The 5th international conference on language, culture and communication will begin just after a couple of hours today March 5, 2018 at Faculty of Humanities, Bahir Dar University.

Faculty of Humanities has disclosed its plan to launch undergraduate BA Degree program in Chinese Language.

Dr. Dawit Amogne, dean of  faculty of humanities, in the discussion held today at the faculty, has said that the program will begin in mid 2018.

Also in the discussion, Dr. Li Yaohui, director of Confucius Institute at Addis Ababa University, Directer Li, has said that apart from teaching Chinese Language, the institute... Read More