Roles of Academic Staff

  • Academic staffs of the faculty is required to be a scholar with full devotion to the advancement of the  frontiers of knowledge in accordance with the best traditions developed by great scholarly circles the world over.
  • It shall be his/her primary duty to carry out his/her functions in the best interest of the Faculty, University and that of the country having due regard to the profession.
  • An academic staff shall teach courses in his area of specialization following established University procedures such a way that the course material may be delivered over the entire semester in a balanced way;
  • Every academic staff shall endeavour to stay abreast of the latest thinking in his area of specialization and shall periodically update his teaching material, within the resources available;      
  • An academic staff shall encourage, guide and permit students to freely and rationally question and examine issues and various lines of thoughts in the course of their study;
  • It shall be the responsibility of the academic staff to inform his nearest superior or head, or dean well in advance if and when he cannot be available for teaching due to his involvement in a recognized or relevant fieldwork, seminar, workshop, etc;
  • Every academic staff shall conduct classes regularly and never miss classes except for force major reasons which are immediately communicated to the nearest superior or head or dean of his faculty;
  • An academic staff shall give make-up classes for all the classes he missed due to his involvement in a field work, seminar, workshop or any other activity recognized by his academic unit;
  • No academic staff shall handover the course that he has been assigned to teach to any other individual for any length of time without the approval of the dean and refrain from any act of discrimination against any individual or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex or creed, persons with disabilities or any other unreasonable ground;
  • It is the responsibility of every academic staff to avoid acts and situations that are intimidating to students;
  • Every academic staff is expected to develop relationship of mutual respect with students and members of his faculty;
  • Every academic staff may be assigned to various positions of responsibilities