Research Thematic Areas

Research Thematic Areas of the Faculty

    • Language teacher education and professional development
    • Language testing and evaluation
    • Classroom interactions in EFL contexts
    • Conceptions and approaches to language teaching
    • Mediation theories and their applications to EFL classrooms
    • Curriculum and materials writing
    • Sensory impairments and language learning
    • Learning styles and strategies
    • ELT in intercultural perspectives
    • Media and communication science
    • Media and development
    • Audience research
    • Media and globalization
    • Journalism studies
    • Social media research
    • Public relations
    • Folklore and environment
    • Folklore and sustainable development
    • Folklore and biodiversity
    • Folklore and medicine and medication
    • Folklore and intellectual property
    • Folklore and peace making
    • Folklore and conflict resolution
    • Folklore and education
    • Folklore and equality