MA in Media and Communications

Name of Academic Unit:

Faculty of Humanities


Journalism and Communications


Media & Communication


MA in Media & Communication

Description of the Program:

The program produces trained and critical journalists for print, broadcast and web media as well as well-trained and vibrant media managers and executives. It also produces communicators and officers who will be competent in culturally diversified settings while capacitating media professionals so that they can manage information and communication effectively. The program also produces advanced analytical and critical journalists, communicators, media managers and media educators who can make utmost contribution for the overall development of the country. Enrich the competence of the candidates in research in the areas of media and communications and training candidates who can serve in higher learning institutions in the field of media and communications are part of the main objectives of the program.

Medium of instruction:


Eligibility criteria:

The following are admission requirements to Master of Arts in Media & Communication:

1. A recognized Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline plus motivation and readiness for independent learning are basic requirements. Practical experience in either media or communication areas is given priority for admission.

2. A very good mastery of English.

3. Admission is on competition basis; therefore, candidates should pass and score better in entrance examinations.

4. Three recommendation letters from their instructors and  work places.

5. Fulfillment of other admission requirements set by BDU Senate Legislation.


Annual intake:

25 students per section (two sections)


Jemal Mohammed (PhD)


Tuition Fee:

Applicants may be organization-sponsored or self-sponsored. Both the organization-and self-sponsored applicants will pay fee for education and research based on the University’s by-laws.