MA in Linguistics

Name of Academic Unit:

Faculty of Humanities


Ethiopian Language(s) & Literature-Amharic




Master of Arts in Linguistics

Description of the Program:

The Master of Arts in Linguistics is designed to obtain highly qualified personnel in linguistics studies. This will indeed alleviate the shortage of trained man power in the country in general and promote linguistic research endeavor in particular. Moreover, there are language related problems in the country which mainly require scientific investigations. Therefore, this program enables to solve problems related with dictionaries, basic and pedagogical grammars, use of mother tongue for education, science and technology purposes etc.

Medium of instruction:


Eligibility criteria:

A.  BA degree preferably in Linguistics or BA/BED degree in other related disciplines such as Ethiopian Languages and Literature, Foreign Languages and Literature or minoring in language studies.

B. A grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00 and above in undergraduate program.

C. Satisfactory performance in written entrance test administered as part of application process

D. Fulfillment of other admission requirements set by BDU.

Annual intake:

25 students per section


Mellese Gelaneh (PhD)


Tuition Fee:

Applicants may be organization-sponsored or self-sponsored. Both the organization-and self-sponsored applicants will pay fee for education and research based on the University’s by-laws.