The Chinese language teaching scheme is launched on March 24, 2014 by two Chinese instructors for twenty five teachers and seventy students, grouped into three sections.
The program is the result of the cooperation agreement made between Bahir-Dar University and Addis Ababa-based Confucius Institute of China. In light of this agreement, Confucius Institute assigned two Chinese instructors, Haisheng Duan, Associate professor, and Changpan Shi to teach the language here at Bahir-Dar University.
Dr. Seyoum, Dean of Humanities Faculty at BDU, in his opening speech noted that the demand for the program is quite high; over hundred and eighty both teaching staffs and students of the main campus have registered for it. Yet, all candidates could not be accommodated due to shortage of Chinese Language instructors. He also added that the faculty of Humanities has pledged to make every possible effort to have more participants to be included in the program in the future.
The participants said that they think learning Chinese language is difficult. But, the Chinese instructors stated that if one is enthusiastic to learn Chinese language, it is not only easy but also fun. The instructors believe that after a semester’s study of the language, learners will be able to communicate in Chinese fairly well. When they mentioned the purpose of the training, they have indicated that communicating in Chinese means interacting with many people of the globe and expanding ones view of the world. It is with this view that Dr. Seyoum explained the Faculty of Humanities reckons that many participates will a lot of benefits from the training.