Humanities Commences National Conference

BDU:The Faculty of Humanities at Bahir Dar University has begun its first national conference on language, literature, culture and communications.
The President of Bahir Dar University Dr.Baylie Damtie made an opening remark stressing the necessity of discourse among Ethiopian intellectuals on the contemporary issues related to the field of humanities.
In his keynote address Professor Abiy Yigzaw has clearly underlined that the faculty of humanities has a wide-ranging vision of developing research, partnership and discourse among the scholars in the field.
The first paper on language endangerment in Ethiopia dealt with the contemporary sociolinguistic status of Ethiopian languages based on the researcher's creatively made eclectic parameters.
Papers focusing on facebook as a media platform, folk literature and heroic epic in Ethiopia, in the morning session of the first day, have been presented. The afternoon program has been run in two parallel sessions. 
In this first session, papers on writing through peer-led learning, mother-tongue education, an English language professional development practices have been presented and lively discussions were made.
In the second session, papers on the role of translation on Ethiopian literature, Ethiopian language policy, pronouns in Argoba language and a comparative analysis on nature, attributes and reporting praxis of Dagu have been presented, and vigorous discussions were made.
Tomorrow, on the second day of the conference, six papers are expected to be presented.