Department of Ethiopian Languages and Literature (Amharic)

Admission Requirement

Candidates who are eligible for the program are:

  • Those who have successfully completed the preparatory program(in both Social & Natural Sciences) with a passing mark in Higher Education Entrance Examination or
  • Those who will meet the requirements of Ministry of Education for higher learning.


As a Language & Literature trainer department, the Ethiopian Language(s) and Literature – Amharic department has the following objectives:

1. Train writers and critics, public relation officers, editors and translators

2. Train researchers in the field of literature and human concerns

3. Organize and offer short term training and workshops

3.1 Offer short term training on language skills and literature

  • Report writing
  • Literature principles and related issues
  • Translation

3.2 Organize workshops on:

  • Languages study( Linguistics)
  • Literature (editing, literary criticism etc.)

4. Offer language related services related to:

4.1 Translation service

4.2 Editing service

4.3 Preparation and evaluation of language curriculum

 5. Conduct Research on the various languages and literatures of Ethiopia

  • With reference to the problems of organization and institutions, thereby give consultant service.
  • To participate at regional and national forums

Graduation Requirements

Students will be eligible for graduation upon successful completion of all courses in Major, common and supportive areas. Besides, no "F" should be scored in any of the courses taken and a cumulative GPA of 2.00 is required for graduation.