Language Teaching Units

 1. English Language Improvement Centre (ELIC Program)

Being one of the oldest in Ethiopia, the ELIC provides English Language training to students, teachers, and others interested in and out of the university.


Dr Melku Tezera-  Phone: 0911436939


2. French Language Teaching Unit

Although the unit has already started offering basic French courses to some instructors, it is at its embryonic stage.  In a bid to strengthen the unit, the Faculty has already started good working relationship with the French Embassy in Addis Ababa.


3. Chinese Language Teaching Unit

From 2014, The Confucius Institute has been training Chinese Language to students, teachers and other staff of the university. 


3. Arabic Language Teaching Unit

The Humanities, in collaboration with the International Languages Promotion Association   (ILPA), offers Arabic Language training to students, teachers and other staff of the university. 


4. Short –term Amharic Language Training for Foreigners

The Department of Ethiopian Languages and Literature (Amharic) offers short term Amharic language training for foreigners who come to Ethiopia as a tourist, for a conference or business.


 5. Abay Culture and Languages Studies Institute

  Dr Moges Michael- Phone: 0912861023ss.